The Race Is on to Find the Next Sustainable Superstar Seafood

“There is no more normal in California,” says Kenny Belov, the owner of Two X Sea, a seafood restaurant and wholesaler on San Francisco’s waterfront. He’s not talking about the state’s wildfires or housing prices–although he certainly could be. Instead he means California fish: “People will drop their gear in the water, but there is […]

In Silicon Valley, It (Still) Ain’t Easy Being Green

This article first appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter on the top tech news. To get it delivered daily to your in-box, sign up here. Tuesday’s New York Times featured a dire assessment of Silicon Valley’s reluctance to fund startups fighting climate change. The report lauds the efforts of investors like Nest co-founder Matt […]

Data Sheet—In Silicon Valley, It (Still) Ain’t Easy Being Green

Tuesday’s New York Times featured a dire assessment of Silicon Valley’s reluctance to fund startups fighting climate change. The report lauds the efforts of investors like Nest co-founder Matt Rogers, who has socked millions into ventures seeking to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere–even as it laments the dearth of Valley high-rollers willing to do […]

The Climate Change Lifestyle: Experts Identify 3 Personal Habits That Could Help Save the Planet 

Eat less meat. Ride a bike. Watch your energy bill. If you’re wondering how to reduce your personal impact on climate change, a U.K. government advisory group has a guidebook for you, buried in a sprawling report released Thursday on how the country can achieve “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. That fresh target […]

Central Banks Are the World’s Newest Climate Change Activists

As groups of Extinction Rebellion protestors glued themselves to public transit and closed down large swathes of central London last week in a series of demonstrations that continued Thursday, a very different group was gathering just a couple hours’ train journey away in Paris. They, too, were meeting to discuss the impact of climate change, […]

Global CO2 Emissions Hit a Record High Last Year. These Countries Are to Blame

Despite increased calls to reduce global emissions in light of climate change, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions worldwide went up by 1.7% last year, hitting a record high, according to the International Energy Agency. It’s the largest rate of growth seen since 2013. While emissions declined in Europe, they were up in big economies like the […]

PSEG Utility CEO on Climate Change: “I Want Us To Be The Number One Solution”

Ralph Izzo wants to be known as a clean energy leader. A scientist by background, he’s been a big believer in climate change throughout his career. As the CEO of PSEG, one of the nation’s largest utilities, he is dedicated to reversing the industry’s bad reputation for emitting harmful gases into the environment. “That just […]

How a Tiny Italian Resort Is Reviving Venetian Viticulture

If you were looking for an agreeable location to establish a vineyard, you could do a whole lot better than the string of marshy islands that make up Italy’s Venetian lagoon. Never mind the shortage of available real estate and a waterborne logistics economy that makes almost everything more expensive than it is on the […]

How Climate Change Could Be Driving the Border Crisis

President Donald Trump continues to focus on immigration and the crisis at the Southern border, Democrats have made fighting climate change a headlining policy ahead of the 2020 election. But in some cases, these issues might be one and the same, as increasing changes in weather patterns threaten food security in Central America. While violence […]

Our Efforts to Moderate Extreme Weather Are Fueling a Climate Change ‘Feedback Loop’

A record-smashing heat wave isn’t just a symptom of climate change–in a way, it’s also contributing to it. Efforts to moderate extreme weather–blasting air conditioning or cranking up the heat–in 2018 were one of the major factors behind surging global energy demand, particularly in the U.S., the International Energy Agency said in a report published […]