How Are You Celebrating National Ice Cream Day? Here Are Some Ideas

These are the sweltering and sticky days of summer, primed for a popular food holiday–National Ice Cream Day–which falls on Sunday, creating the chance for a weekend of sundaes, cones, milk shakes, parfaits, or other celebratory concoctions. Perhaps you’re a traditionalist, preferring ice cream of sublime butterfat, or consider non-dairy alternatives equally satisfying in frozen […]

Big Dairy Battling Vegan Industry in Butter-Labeling War

Miyoko Schinner is a perfect illustration of the American dream. To the U.S. dairy industry, however, she is something altogether different. A Japanese immigrant, Schinner started a small company that blossomed into a wildly successful vegan cheese maker, one with the potential to do for dairy alternatives what Beyond Meat is doing for beef substitutes. […]