Broadcom Is Reeling from the Huawei Ban. Now It Faces Big Antitrust Trouble in Europe

This isn’t turning out to be a great month for Broadcom. Less than two weeks ago, the California chip giant had to knock 8% off its 2019 revenue outlook, thanks to the ban on U.S. companies supplying China’s Huawei, the world’s biggest telecoms equipment firm. That took 8% off Broadcom’s share price. Now the company […]

While the Huawei Ban is Hurting Broadcom and Micron—it May Help Qualcomm and Ericcson

When the U.S. decided to ban Huawei, it was intended as a backhanded slap over claimed security risks, as Fortune has previous reported. But after striking the face of the Chinese telecommunications giant, the impact kept traveling and has hit multiple U.S. firms right in the earnings. The ban–actually, the addition of the company to […]