Data Sheet—How Trump’s China Trade War Is Morphing Into a Tech War

Good morning. Clay Chandler in Hong Kong, filling in for Adam. Shares in Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology, the world’s largest manufacturer of surveillance equipment, and rival Zhejiang Dahua Technology tanked on the Shenzhen exchange Wednesday following news that the Trump administration may forbid the companies from buying U.S. technology, adding them to a national security […]

Trump Blacklisted Huawei After China Trade War Negotiations Stalled

The Trump administration held off on blacklisting Huawei Technologies Co. out of concern the move could disrupt trade negotiations with China and only took action after the last round of talks hit an impasse, according to people familiar with the matter. Plans to target the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker over security concerns had been on […]

The U.S. Grants Huawei a Temporary Reprieve from Blacklist—And Saves Itself Some Trouble

The U.S. has thrown Huawei Technologies a lifeline, but it likely isn’t doing it for the Chinese company’s sake. Last Wednesday, the Commerce Department added Huawei and 68 affiliates to its prohibitive “entities list”–a catalogue of companies considered threats to national security. Entities on the list are required to apply for special permission to purchase […]

Trump’s Huawei Threat Is the Nuclear Option to Halt China’s Rise

The Trump administration is pulling out the big guns in its push to slow China’s rise, with potentially devastating consequences for the rest of the world. The White House on Wednesday initiated a two-pronged assault on China: barring companies deemed a national security threat from selling to the U.S., and threatening to blacklist Huawei Technologies […]

Trump Prepares Foreign Telecoms Ban Expected To Target Huawei

President Donald Trump plans in coming days to sign an executive order that would prohibit American firms from using gear made by foreign telecommunications companies that pose a security threat, according to an administration official. The official, who was granted anonymity to discuss a sensitive issue, said on Tuesday night that the order was not […]

CEO Daily: Surveillance Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics

Like the memes it incubates and spreads, TikTok, the Chinese lip-synching app that boasts more than half a billion global users, has gone viral this past month–at least in the global business press. Fortune‘s Ellen McGirt was among the many observers to marvel that country trap artist Montero Hill (a.k.a. Lil Nas X) was able […]

The U.S. Is Losing Its Crusade Against Huawei

The United Kingdom has decided to allow Huawei’s 5G equipment into its national rollouts to a degree–the gear is banned from core parts of the British communications network, where it could pose a particularly acute spying risk. The move is another blow to the United States’s campaign to pressure its allies into shunning Huawei’s 5G […]

Foldable Phone Sales Won’t Open to Big Numbers, Analysts Say

The top Android phone makers showed off foldable models at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona this year. But are the devices, featuring reader-friendly large screens that fold to fit in a pants pocket, the next big thing or just a minor niche? Considering the phones’ high prices and emerging questions about durability, the […]

Huawei: Hundred Billion Dollar Troll

The Financial Times reported earlier this week that Chinese telecom equipment manufacturing giant Huawei Technology has hired top-drawer Washington public relations group Burson Cohn & Wolfe to “help it make its case in the US following months of media and political scrutiny.” One wonders where those spin doctors were on Thursday when Huawei summoned global […]