Why Toptal Believes the ‘Talent Economy’ is the Future of Work

The gig economy, defined as short-term on-demand employment, is growing at rapid speed. But not all workers in the gig economy are created equal; they vary in age, experience, and skill set. The large supply of freelance workers fuels a virtual buyer’s market for employers seeking top talent from all over the world. Toptal is […]

VF Corp’s Mantra: Embrace Change and Build Purposeful Brands

Throughout its 120-year history, VF Corporation has grown by acquiring notable brands such as The North Face, Vans, and Timberland—making it a global apparel and footwear powerhouse. But growth by acquisition isn’t always smooth sailing; sometimes companies have to pivot. In 2018, VF pivoted by spinning off its Jeanswear organization into an independent company, named […]

Genpact CEO: Companies Have a Responsibility to Reduce A.I. Bias

There are two sides to artificial intelligence (A.I.). Certainly, A.I. provides more efficient and personable consumer experiences, such as music recommendations on Spotify or automated email filters on Gmail. But A.I. is clearly not just for fun and games. Machine learning technology can also use demographic data to hasten the process of who gets a […]

This CEO Is Disrupting Consumer Packaging to Fight the Garbage Crisis

Tom Szaky, the founder and CEO of TerraCycle, is known for recycling the unrecyclable–cigarette butts, chewing gum, diapers–but last year, as he watched the business model for recycling crater (in part because it’s not profitable to recycle many of the new, lighter, more flexible plastics), he had an epiphany. Recycling was a way to manage […]