Verizon Executive Calls for Federal Privacy Rules on 5G

As Verizon rolls out speedy 5G mobile service across the U.S., it’s also preparing for heightened privacy concerns over the increased amounts of data that devices will be able to collect about their owners. The solution: U.S. federal privacy regulations that are similar to those in California and Europe, according to one Verizon executive. State […]

Alphabet’s Latest Data Grab: Google Home Records Far More Sound Than Users Realize, Report Says

Contractors hired by Google have been listening to audio recorded by its virtual assistant—even files recorded after the “OK, Google” wake word wasn’t invoked—reports Belgian outlet Vrt Nws. According to the story, the news outlet listened to many recordings, some that didn’t start with Google’s wake word, containing personal conversations, professional phone calls with private […]

One Transatlantic Data-Sharing Pact Is Already Dead. Today’s Case Against Facebook Could Kill Another 

In 2013, NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed to the world how, among other things, the U.S. was forcing tech companies to give American spies access to the data of millions of people around the globe, through a program called PRISM. That revelation is still emitting shockwaves some six years later. The U.S. surveillance efforts have […]

Facebook Cryptocurrency: Calibra’s Privacy Implications

Despite a series of privacy stumbles, Facebook is forging ahead with plans to debut a new cryptocurrency called Libra. To bring the idea to fruition next year, the social network has created a new subsidiary called Calibra that will offer digital wallets designed to hold, send, and receive the virtual coins. But just how well […]

Facebook’s Legal Outlook in the EU Is Looking Increasingly Shaky—Thanks to One Lawyer’s Efforts

Facebook legal woes in Europe over the years have largely been due to the activism of one man: Max Schrems. And in the last couple of weeks, the Austrian lawyer has scored a couple more significant victories, convincing the supreme courts of both Austria and Ireland not to block his cases against the social network. […]

How China’s Most Popular App Spies on Users for Beijing

Greetings from Hong Kong. Clay Chandler here, filling in for Alan with our weekly Sino-Saturday edition of CEO Daily. I’ve written a lot about the wonders of WeChat, the multi-functional “super app” operated by China’s Tencent Holdings. I’m not alone in considering WeChat one of the world’s most innovative digital platforms. Launched in 2011 as […]

Should Alexa Provide Evidence In Court? German Security Chiefs Say Yes.

Smart home devices such as Amazon’s Echo and virtual assistants such as Alexa or Apple’s Siri can provide a lot of information about a person–when they’re at home, what they’re interested in and potentially even what they’re saying. So it’s no surprise that criminal investigators are interested in their potential. In Germany, the issue is […]

Apple’s New Sign-In Feature Is a ‘Shot Across the Bow’ at Google and Facebook

Ask Apple, Facebook, and Google about the meaning or expectation of consumer privacy, and you’ll get three very different approaches. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the future is private. Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote that privacy shouldn’t be a luxury good. And then there’s Apple, which at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, said […]

How Your Privacy Will Be Protected in the 2020 Census

Every ten years the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a nationwide survey that sets the terms for the country’s democracy. The questionnaire yields rich data, including people’s names, street addresses, ages, races, ethnicities, and other details. People’s responses help determine dynamics of power, such as how seats are apportioned in the House of Representatives, where voting […]

Mark Zuckerberg Answers Critics Who Want to Break Up Facebook

Facebook is being inundated by fake accounts and violent content more than ever. But the company wants you to know that it’s doing a better job of combatting the problem even as it admitted that the job is difficult and often imperfect. Facebook revealed the details on Thursday in a so-called transparency report that covered […]