Citigroup CEO: We Have to Change Our Culture To Keep Talented Women and Minorities

Citigroup has made headlines recently for recognizing the gender pay gap in its own organization, and setting goals to increase the number of women and minorities among its higher-ranking employees. But speaking at Fortune‘s CEO Initiative forum in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat acknowledged that–beyond setting ambitious markers for a more equitable […]

Smucker CEO: Investing in Community ‘Pays Off in Long Term’

The 122-year-old J.M. Smucker Company is used to thinking long-term. That point of view is helpful when figuring out how a company can contribute to the place where it does business while still meeting the demands of its shareholders. “The convergence of supporting our community and our business does pay off in the long term,” […]

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Swears He Is ‘Not an Activist’

Marc Benioff would have you believe he’s not the revolutionist everyone perceives him to be. The Salesforce founder, co-CEO, and chairman paints himself as a reluctant participant in the social strifes of the day, dragged into fighting battles on behalf of his workforce. By presenting himself not as a firebrand but as a manifestation of […]

Business Has ‘No Choice’ But to Adapt to Millennials

Twenty-five years ago, there were three generations working together in American offices. Today, there are five–and those dynamics are upending the workplace. Business has “no choice” but to adapt to millennials, who will make up 75% of the American workforce by 2025, said Lindsey Pollak, author of The Remix: How to Lead and Succeed in […]

Microsoft’s Unpredictable Rise as a Civic Leader—Data Sheet

The old Milton Friedman saw about corporate social responsibility, that the only obligation of business is to use its resources to “engage in activities designed to increase profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game,” has been thoroughly discredited. It is widely believed today that enlightened businesses ought to do good […]