Apple Just Previewed Its First Apple TV Plus Show. Here’s The Trailer

Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC kicked off with an update on Apple TV Plus. Kicking off the show, the company revealed the first official trailer previewing For All Mankind, an alternate telling of space race history, one where Russia–not the U.S.–is the first country to land a man on the moon. In the trailer, we […]

Twitch CEO: Europe’s New Copyright Law Could Hurt the Wrong Companies

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear said a new law in Europe that would hold tech companies responsible for the material published by their users is too vague and make things messy for his company. The European Parliament on Tuesday passed a law called Article 13 that would hold companies liable for copyright infringements by their users […]

Spotify Just Snapped Up Another Podcast Company

Streaming giant Spotify spot has acquired podcasting company Parcast. The deal, announced Tuesday morning, is another step in Spotify’s shift from music to audio. Parcast is the studio behind popular shows including Cults, Serial Killers and Mythology, and has more than 20 new podcasts slated to launch later this year. Despite having more than 200 […]

Spotify Wants You to Listen to Less Music

Spotify’s $340 million play for podcasts is not just an attempt to dominate every facet of your audio experience–though Spotify would certainly like that, too. Following its recent acquisitions of Gimlet, a podcast production house, and Anchor, a broadcasting app for podcast creators, CEO Daniel Ek wrote in the company blog that the moves were […]

For the First Time, More Americans Pay For Internet Video Than Cable or Satellite TV

Cord cutting, or people dropping their cable or satellite TV in favor of online video alternatives like Netflix, has reached a critical milestone. For the first time, more people pay for a streaming service than subscribe to traditional pay TV, a new survey has found. Sixty-nine percent of consumers pay for Internet video versus 65% […]

Oscars 2019: How to Watch the Best Picture Nominees Online

With the Academy Awards coming up in just a few days, there’s still time to watch many of the 2019 Oscar-nominated movies online, streaming from the comfort of your own home. A number of this year’s Oscar nominees–except for Vice, which hasn’t been released digitally yet–are available to stream, rent, or purchase from Amazon Video, […]