The Largest U.S. Exhibit Ever About the Holocaust Opens in Downtown Manhattan

The social and political conditions that led to the Holocaust, the disbelief of some, the relative recency of the occurrence, and the lack of knowledge surrounding an event so important to modern history are all points that led Luis Ferreiro—a director at the family-owned, exhibition-making, Spanish company Musealia—to develop “Auschwitz: Not Long Ago. Not Far […]

Israeli Pastries Get a New York City Makeover at This Six-Seat Bakery

While sitting in his eponymous new Israeli-style bakery, 35-year-old baking guru Adir Michaeli paints a picture: It’s Friday afternoon in Tel Aviv, and your Jewish mom is cooking for tonight’s Sabbath dinner. Aromas emanating from a rainbow of stews, rice dishes, pot roasts, schnitzels, and kugels waft through the air as you get back from […]

Jeff Bezos Is Casually Buying Three NYC Condos Worth an Eye-Popping $80 Million Inc. isn’t setting up a new headquarters in New York City, but Jeff Bezos may be. The tech giant’s chief executive officer is buying three condos at Manhattan’s 212 Fifth Ave. with a total value of about $80 million, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. If the three apartments–a penthouse and two units below […]