Forget Wine or Tequila: Celebrities Are Launching Sake Brands Now

In today’s personal branding culture, it’s not enough for a celebrity to just be an actor or musician, and many have capitalized on their fame by launching a wine or spirit brand. Today’s shelves read like a movie credit roll: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Miraval Rosé, Jon Bon Jovi’s Hampton Water, Justin Timberlake’s 901 […]

This Trailblazer Wants to Bring a Sake Trail to Arkansas

While Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail and Napa Wine Country are two regions beloved by travelers in search of America’s tastiest drinks, driving through Arkansas in search of sake hasn’t caught on quite yet. However, Ben Bell is hoping America’s growing interest in craft sake will eventually lead to an official trail in his home state. “For […]

Japan’s Sake Makers Look to Wine to Define Craft Brews by Region

Few alcoholic beverages are as intimately associated with one country as sake is with Japan. Nihonshu, or “Japanese sake,” became a protected term internationally only in 2015; before that, it hardly seemed necessary. Hard on its heels, the prefecture of Yamagata became recognized as a “geographical indication” on labels for particular sakes the following year. […]