A Brief History of In-Flight Meals

Although not renowned for their excellence in culinary circles, in-flight meals are a relatively recent privilege to which fliers haven’t always been treated. The first ever airline meal was served in 1919 on a Handley-Page flight from London to Paris. According to Travel + Leisure in 2017, selections at the time “typically included cold fried […]

It’s the Busiest Flight Route Between Europe and the U.S. Is There Room for JetBlue?

As one door closes, another one opens. Hot on the heels of the March 28 collapse of low-cost, trans-Atlantic carrier WOW Airlines, New York-based airline JetBlue announced Wednesday that it intends to launch multiple daily flights on one of the world’s busiest routes between the U.S. East Coast and London in 2021. The routes–JetBlue’s first […]

Europe’s Discount Airlines ‘Democratized’ Air Travel. Now They’re Going Belly-Up

In 1992, the U.S. witnessed the trial of John Gotti, the election of President Bill Clinton and the devastating arrival of Hurricane Andrew on the Florida coastline, causing a then-record $25 billion in damage. Further afield, it was also the year that Prince Charles initiated the world’s most-watched break-up by separating from Princess Diana. So, […]

Why Your Flight Could Be Delayed Today

U.S. airlines are struggling to get back on schedule Monday after a system-wide computer outage hit several major carriers. The Aerodata planning and balance system, which is used to evenly distribute weight on planes, was down, affecting Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and more. The Federal Aviation Administration says the issue […]

Grounded 737 Max Planes Could Mean Flight Cancellations for Weeks, Airlines Say

Nearly two weeks after the Federal Aviation Administration grounded all Boeing 737 Max planes, some airlines are warning that the hundreds of flight cancellations that have resulted from the move could last for several more weeks–if not months. American Airlines, which owns 24 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, is cancelling about 90 flights a day and […]

The Latest Ranking of the Best and Worst Airlines in America

Delta Airlines has unseated Alaska Airlines as the nation’s best carrier, in an annual ranking by The Points Guy. The travel news website’s third annual list runs down the nation’s major carriers from best to worst, based on a number of factors, including timeliness, customer satisfaction, pricing, comfort, cancellations, and lost baggage. Frontier Airlines ranked […]

Boeing 737 Max Planes Could Take Six Months to Fix, Cost More Than $500 Million, Analysts Say

Boeing could need between three and six months to fix and install new software on its 737 Max aircraft, following the move by the U.S. and other countries to ground the planes this week. The repairs could cost Boeing at least $500 million and delay deliveries of new planes on order, analysts estimate. President Trump […]

Pilots of Two U.S. Boeing Max 8 Planes Reported Autopilot Problems Last Year, AP Says

Pilots on two Boeing 737 Max 8 planes filed reports last year that indicated tilting problems similar to the suspected causes of two Boeing aircraft crashes in the past several months, the AP reported Tuesday. The pilots on both flights said that each airplane began to tilt down suddenly shortly after the pilots turned on […]

Why Etihad, Emirates and Qatar Airways Are All Showing Signs of Crisis

Three of the Middle East’s biggest airlines are struggling amid embargoes, U.S. travel restrictions and global price wars. Emirates, Etihad and neighboring Qatar Airways are reporting sinking profits or even losses, which is leading to staff layoffs, streamlined routes and canceled plane orders, German business daily Handelsblatt reports. The International Air Transport Authority also reports […]

Is Warren Buffett Buying Southwest Airlines? Possibility Pushes Stock Up 4%

A few days after Warren Buffett told Berkshire Hathaway shareholders that the company is hoping to make “an elephant-sized acquisition,” investors have begun to speculate on what big game Buffett has in mind. The most likely candidate right now: Southwest Airlines. Southwest’s stock, which lists under the ticker LUV, rose 4.1% Thursday to $56.04 a […]