Why the New U.S.-EU Trade Talks May Be Doomed Before They Even Start

By the middle of last year, the U.S. had hit the European Union with steel and aluminum tariffs, the EU had responded with counter-tariffs on American goods, and some feared the situation could escalate into a full-blown trade war. But then U.S. President Donald Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had a meeting and […]

How a Tiny Italian Resort Is Reviving Venetian Viticulture

If you were looking for an agreeable location to establish a vineyard, you could do a whole lot better than the string of marshy islands that make up Italy’s Venetian lagoon. Never mind the shortage of available real estate and a waterborne logistics economy that makes almost everything more expensive than it is on the […]

The U.S. Is Going to See Water Shortages Within the 21st Century, Study Says

Government-backed research on watersheds in the U.S. provide a dire outlook for the future: population growth and climate change are likely to cause “serious water shortages” within the next 55 years, says the study. As both demand and water evaporation increase, up to 96 of the 204 water basins that provide fresh water to Americans […]

America’s Farmers Face Challenging Times. Loan Delinquencies Hit a Nine-Year High

Farm loan delinquencies are at a nine-year high due to declining crop prices and tariffs, according to the Associated Press. Farm Service Agency loans (aka FSA loans). FSA loans are issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) when borrowers do not qualify with commercial financial lending institutions, and many of those government-backed loans come […]

California Almond Growers Are Feeling the Sting After Bee Thieves Abscond With Hives

California almond growers–and indeed, many farmers in the state’s Central Valley–have more than climate change weather woes on their mind this season. A not-so-unusual problem plaguing some farmers? Beehive thefts. Nearly 200 hives were stolen in early February from a Central Valley orchard, according to Ag Alert, published by the California Farm Bureau Federation. Thefts […]