How to Invest During a Trade War

President Trump wasn’t bluffing. On Friday, the Trump administration followed through on its threat to raise import tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods from 10% to 25%, escalating long-simmering trade tensions between the U.S. and China to an unprecedented level. While some would claim this a necessary maneuver in the President’s quest to […]

Does Today’s Market Plunge Point To More Losses Ahead?

U.S. markets took heavy losses Tuesday on continued worry about trade, overheated activity, and growing federal government deficit spending. The S&P 500 was down 48 points or 1.65%; the Dow lost 473 points, or 1.79%; and the Nasdaq was off by 160 points, or about 2%. It could have been worse except for a slight […]

Here’s Why Eventbrite’s Shares Plunged 27%

Eventbrite gave its shareholders a surprise on Thursday: a ticket aboard a stock-market drop tower. The company’s shares lost more than a quarter of their value amid disappointing earnings and a weak outlook. First-quarter revenue grew 9%–well under the 21% rate for all of 2018–to $81.3 million, short of the $83 million that analysts had […]

Investors Braced For An Earnings Recession. It Doesn’t Look Like It’s Happening

Investors were ready for bad news. Going into this earnings season, there was an expectation that corporate profits would take a hit in the first quarter of 2019, declining from the robust results seen in the same period last year. Some analysts had S&P 500 profits down as much as 4% year-over-year, citing the diminishing […]

U.S. Stocks, Led by Tech, Post Their Best Quarter in Nearly a Decade

U.S. stocks finished their best quarter in nearly a decade on Friday, as several clouds hanging over the financial markets at the end of 2018 dissipated enough to prompt a strong rebound for most shares. The S&P 500 closed Friday at 2834.40, up 0.7% on the day and up 13.1% for the first quarter of […]

Activists Look to Replace Bed Bath & Beyond’s Entire Board

Activist investors are hoping to replace Bed Bath & Beyond’s entire 12-person board, including Chief Executive Steven Temares, who has been at the helm of Bed Bath & Beyond since 2003. The investors, Legion Partners Asset Management, Macellum Advisors GP and Ancora Advisors, control 5% of Bed Bath & Beyond. The trio feels that the […]

Global Markets Drop Over Worries About U.S. and European Economies

Global markets largely took a tumble on Monday, with worries about a possible U.S. recession. Japan’s Nikkei 225 index was was down 3%. The Shanghai composite was off almost 2%, as was Hong Kong’s Hang Seng, with the Shenzhen composite down 0.9%. European stocks had dropped on Friday because of a batch of bad regional […]

An Old Recession Boogeyman—the Inverted Yield Curve—Returns, and It’s Spooking Some Investors

Stock investors aren’t supposed to be superstitious, but some market boogeymen are known to predict recessions with impressive accuracy. One of them returned this week for the first time since 2007: the inverted yield curve. In good economic times, yields on government bonds tend to track an upward curve, since longer-term bonds carry a higher […]