Civil Rights Icons Roberta Kaplan and Tina Tchen Launch a New Inclusion Advisory

Two women who, among many other extraordinary achievements, have helped assist nearly 5,000 survivors of workplace sexual harassment since 2018, are now coming to an office near you. Civil rights attorneys and co-founders of the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund Roberta Kaplan and Tina Tchen have teamed up again to co-found HABIT, a new anti-sexual […]

Mastercard’s Chief Inclusion Officer: “Inclusion Can’t Be Built In Silos”

With a thoughtfully woke CEO and consistently high ratings on all the diversity lists, Randall Tucker knew that his new life as Mastercard’s Chief Inclusion Officer would be a different kind of gig. “This was not a turnaround situation,” he laughs. “But my marching orders were to build on the great work and make it […]

An Uptick In Patents From Historically Black Colleges

You can’t leverage what you don’t measure, right? That’s the big takeaway from this recent piece from ThePLUG, an innovative media outlet that brings data and fresh thinking to their reporting on black innovation in tech. They’ve been measuring some interesting things lately. RaceAhead has amplified their stories before, like these two published with Vice’s […]

A Historic, Pre-Civil War Site Is Safe For Now

Over the weekend, a nonprofit of monumental importance to American history was saved by the goodwill of people on Twitter. Weeksville is a unique cultural center and historic site in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn that was once home to a thriving community of free and formerly enslaved black people. It was established in […]

Chicago Cubs Fan Banned for Life

Here’s your week in review, in haiku.   1. Hello, I’m baby! LeRoy T’Challa Jamal Mountbatten-Windsor   2. I don’t know if “send famous basketball players“ is our best move here   3. Market slumps, China Trumps, Hollywood dumps, Chelsea jumps, Warwick’s a chump.   4. Eight schools, shots ring out. Four dead, seventeen wounded […]

Nudging Toward Inclusion

What if we’re going about this inclusion thing all wrong? This is the gently persuasive idea behind Inclusion Nudges, a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 to research, collect, and share the best behavioral insights to help hapless humans become better at navigating our inevitable blind spots. It was co-founded by Lisa Kepinski and Tinna Nielsen, […]

How Global Food Giant Barilla Became an LGBTQ Ally

I’ve been mulling two recent stories that explore, in different ways, inclusion in marketing and advertising. One offers a good idea, the other describes a great one. The first is a review of Grow Your Circle, an open source database that functions as a handy resource for hiring diverse professionals in the parts of branding […]

Can Black, Brown, and Asian Women Excel At Your Company?

First the good news. There’s been some much-needed progress in the representation of Asian women in corporate leadership. For their black and brown peers? Not as much. This one of the big takeaways from Working Mother Magazine’s 2019 Best Companies for Multicultural Women, their annual list of the companies who are doing the most to […]

Rachel Held Evans, Popular Evangelical Writer, Dies at 37

Rachel Held Evans, the popular and controversial evangelical writer, has died. She was 37. I know many in the raceAhead community are keenly feeling her loss today. Evans had become widely known for her inclusive and progressive Christian views. She was a popular blogger, the author of four best-selling books, and the co-founder of two […]