Meet the Amazon Voice Designer Who Is the ‘Real Alexa’

Before you say, “Hey Alexa,” say hello to Alison. Alison Atwell, 31, sits at a unique perch in the dialog between humans and machines: She’s a Voice User Interface (VUI) Designer at Amazon, where she trains Alexa and guides the conversation between companies and the millions of people who talk to Alexa everyday. She’s also […]

How an Entry-Level UX Designer at Amazon Got Her Foot in the Door

Fortune’s Entry/Level column is dedicated to people looking for and working in entry-level positions–read the full series here. We interview entry-levelers about their jobs, how they got them, what they want to do next, and more. The subject’s answers are edited for clarity. Kiran Ramsey is a 23-year-old UX designer from Indianapolis working at Amazon […]