New Era of Fashion Logos is Driving Creativity and Sales

Logos are having a fashion moment, but it’s not the same logo mania as the 1990s. From designer labels Gucci and Louis Vuitton to mass-market duds such as Champion, Adidas, and Nike, fashion brands are creating new ways to display their signature. At the other end of the fashion spectrum, some logos are so minimal, […]

What’s Up With Gucci’s Slowing Sales and LVMH’s Momentum?

Sales growth at French luxury group Kering’s Gucci brand has slowed after three years of breakneck growth, as rival LVMH accelerates. The Italian label’s comparable sales rose 12.7% in the second quarter, compared with an analyst forecast of 14.5%. Although Kering’s overall sales gains were roughly in line with expectations, the waning momentum at its […]

Gucci’s In Hot Water Again, But Controversy Is Nothing New for Fashion House

Gucci has throw itself headfirst into controversial waters with another questionable fashion item. But at this point, we should probably be used to it. Critics say the company’s $790 “Indy Full Turban” headgear appropriates the culture of the Sikh religion. And, true to form, Twitter is full of hot takes shaming the company and expressing […]