Meet the Amazon Voice Designer Who Is the ‘Real Alexa’

Before you say, “Hey Alexa,” say hello to Alison. Alison Atwell, 31, sits at a unique perch in the dialog between humans and machines: She’s a Voice User Interface (VUI) Designer at Amazon, where she trains Alexa and guides the conversation between companies and the millions of people who talk to Alexa everyday. She’s also […]

Alexa, I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About Amazon’s Emotion-Detecting Wearable

From video streaming to prescriptions, cloud services to doorbell cameras, Amazon is in our lives in more ways than we count. But there’s one particular place–my emotional health–where I really don’t want the e-commerce giant poking around. Amazon is working on an Alexa-powered wearable that can read emotions, Bloomberg is reporting, citing people who claim […]

Amazon Alexa’s New ‘Guard’ Can Help Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

Amazon Alexa can not only control your smart home, it can now protect it as well. On Tuesday, Amazon introduced Alexa Guard, a feature that adds home security through any Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo smart speaker. Users can get automatic alerts when the device detects the sound of a smoke alarm, a carbon monoxide […]