Why Companies Should Not Attack Back At Hackers—Data Sheet

Live events, when they succeed, deliver epiphanies. Here are some I enjoyed on the last day of Brainstorm Tech in Aspen, Colo., Wednesday: Steven Mollenkopf, CEO of mobile-phone chip designer Qualcomm, gave an impressive, confident, and authoritative interview to Aaron. Consider, he urged the audience, the innovations like Uber that came from relatively simple technological […]

Chinese Hackers Infiltrated Eight Major Tech Providers For Years With ‘Devastating’ Impact: Report

Eight of the world’s biggest technology firms were targets of an intense hacking campaign, battling teams sponsored by China’s Ministry of State Security, according to a report from Reuters. The attacks, which started as early as 2014, reportedly focused on gathering corporate and state secrets in an effort to boost China’s economic interests. Among the […]

A Real-Life Thriller: State-Sponsored Hackers Spy on Targets Through Their Cellular Providers, Report Says

An ambitious group of suspected state-backed hackers has been burrowing into telecommunications companies in order to spy on high-profile targets across the world, a U.S. cybersecurity firm said in a report published Tuesday . Boston-based Cybereason said the tactic gave hackers sweeping access to VIPs’ call records, location data, and device information–effectively turning the targets’ […]

Border Patrol Hack Shows How New Technology Makes Law Enforcement a Target

U.S. Customs and Border Protection collects a trove of data about travelers including photos, fingerprints, and details about social media accounts. Officials argue that the information helps prevent terrorists from entering the country, but it also opens the door to a serious problem: Hackers The CBP hammered the point home on Monday by disclosing a […]

Senior Executives Are Getting Phished More Frequently. Here’s an Urgent Tip!!!

A couple weeks ago I received an email message with the subject line “Urgent Request !!!” The note purported to be from Adam Lashinsky, this newsletter’s weekday columnist, a man whose comminqu?s I am wont not to ignore. Yet I knew instantly, even before opening the note, that the composer was an imposter. The tell: […]