Europe’s Vacation Hot Spots Have a Message for Tourists: Sorry, We’re Full

Want to visit Amsterdam? Well, how about a trip to Harderwijk instead? That’s the message from the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC), which has taken the unusual decision to stop marketing the city of Rembrandt as a tourist destination. The reason? Over 17.5 million sightseers visited Amsterdam in 2016 and based on current […]

Indulge in Cocktails and Street Food Inside a Subway Station at New York’s Merchants’ Gate

In New York City, you can drink on a boat that never moves, in a bar the size of a tollbooth with virtually no exit, behind a freezer door in a deli, on rooftops overlooking the Hudson River, and makeshift rooftop bars gazing over the concrete that makes up the town. You can drink in […]