50 Years After the Moon Landing, Money Races Into Space

Find out which countries around the world are investing the most in space programs. Fifty years after the Apollo 11 astronauts first walked on the moon, global investment in space is blasting off again. According to new data from space-market specialists Euroconsult, last year 18 countries spent at least $200 million on space-related activities, from satellites to […]

Virgin Galactic’s CEO: What Space Tourism Will Really Be Like

Forget the stories of NASA’s famous “Vomit Commit,” the plane that provides training flights for future astronauts. According to Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides, the company’s flights to space—a 90-minute experience up and down again—shouldn’t upset passengers’ stomachs. “I have done several zero g flights,” Whiteside told Fortune in an interview. Maybe not surprising as […]

NASA Reverses Course On Space Tourism, Opens ISS To Private Astronauts, Companies

After years of restricting access to the International Space Station to its own astronauts, NASA is now planning to let private citizens and corporations visit the orbiting laboratory. While that will certainly encourage multi-millionaire daredevils (who previously had to go to Russia if they wanted to visit the space station), NASA believes the real potential […]

Virgin Galactic Takes Its First Human Passenger Into Space

Space tourism company Virgin Galactic has officially put its first passenger into space. The company’s spaceplane made its second trip up above on Friday, this time with three people onboard: two pilots and one passenger, The Verge reports. The previous flight only contained the two pilots. The spaceplane, called the VSS Unity, takes passengers to […]