Chicago Cubs Fan Banned for Life

Here’s your week in review, in haiku.   1. Hello, I’m baby! LeRoy T’Challa Jamal Mountbatten-Windsor   2. I don’t know if “send famous basketball players“ is our best move here   3. Market slumps, China Trumps, Hollywood dumps, Chelsea jumps, Warwick’s a chump.   4. Eight schools, shots ring out. Four dead, seventeen wounded […]

Nudging Toward Inclusion

What if we’re going about this inclusion thing all wrong? This is the gently persuasive idea behind Inclusion Nudges, a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 to research, collect, and share the best behavioral insights to help hapless humans become better at navigating our inevitable blind spots. It was co-founded by Lisa Kepinski and Tinna Nielsen, […]

How Global Food Giant Barilla Became an LGBTQ Ally

I’ve been mulling two recent stories that explore, in different ways, inclusion in marketing and advertising. One offers a good idea, the other describes a great one. The first is a review of Grow Your Circle, an open source database that functions as a handy resource for hiring diverse professionals in the parts of branding […]