Warren Buffett Says He ‘Overpaid’ for Kraft Heinz

Warren Buffett’s strategies for Berkshire Hathaway haven’t gone well as late, with the company taking a $25 billion loss in the last quarter of 2018. And, according to a new interview on Monday, one of the bigger mistakes had to do with Kraft Heinz. “I was wrong in a couple of ways about Kraft Heinz,” […]

Kraft Heinz Disaster Shows That Brutal Cost-Cutting Won’t Save Packaged Foods

It could soon become a classic Harvard Business School case study in how a new, highly-praised strategy for reviving slogging, slow-growing brands was exposed as disaster in a single earnings call. Over the past several years, Brazilian investment firm 3G has deployed brutal cost-cutting to raise profits at Anheuser-Busch InBev, Burger King, and Kraft Heinz, […]