A Brexit Architect Sees Trade Opportunities in the Resignation of U.K.’s Trump-Bashing Ambassador

A future U.S.-U.K. trade deal could benefit from the resignation of Kim Darroch as British ambassador to Washington—at least, according to a key architect of Brexit. Darroch quit Wednesday, following an extraordinary diplomatic storm around leaked comments in which he derided President Donald Trump’s administration as “uniquely dysfunctional” and “chaotic.” The leak prompted a furious […]

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Expected to Appear in Court on Sex Trafficking Charges

Eleven years after letting Jeffrey Epstein off lightly with a once-secret plea deal, the U.S. government is taking another run at putting the wealthy sex offender behind bars with new sex-trafficking charges that law enforcement officials say involve allegations dating to the early 2000s. Epstein, arrested over the weekend, is expected to make his first […]

Trump Taps Fed Nominees Likely To Support Lowering Interest Rates

After a yearlong assault on the Federal Reserve and its chairman, President Donald Trump has tapped two wildly different economists to the central bank’s board who seemingly have one important thing in common. They’re both likely to support the president’s call for lower interest rates. One, Christopher Waller, is the more conventional choice drawn from […]

What’s Missing in Democratic Debates About Russia and Election Security—Cyber Saturday

Cybersecurity received short shrift at this week’s debates between Democratic contenders for president as they jockeyed for an early lead ahead of next year’s election in the U.S. But one related topic did catch a modicum of airtime: Russian election interference. During the first night’s verbal brawl, only New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio […]

Special Counsel Robert Mueller to Testify on July 17

Special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify publicly before Congress on July 17 after Democrats issued subpoenas to compel him to appear, the chairmen of two House committees announced Tuesday. Mueller’s unusual back-to-back testimony in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees is likely to be the most highly anticipated congressional hearing in […]

The Dow is On Track to Post Its Best June Since 1938

Over the weekend, Donald Trump tweeted about news that the stock market has seen its best June in decades. “Thank you Mr. President!” ended the note. Indeed, the S&P 500 has so far seen a 7.3% month-over-month jump as of June 21, the highest percentage gain over that time period since 1955. The Dow Jones […]

‘How Many People Will Be Killed?’: Why Trump Decided Against Striking Iran

The planes were ready–their deadly cargo poised for delivery within a half-hour. President Donald Trump had been given a series of options Thursday night on how to respond to Iran’s downing of an unmanned American surveillance drone. Senior military advisers zeroed in on a plan to launch strikes on a trio of sites within Iran, […]

Trump Sold Beverly Hills Estate to Foreign Business Partner for $13.5 Million

Donald Trump hasn’t completely given up the real estate business while he’s in the oval office. The Trump Organization quietly sold a 5 bedroom, 6 bath Beverly Hills estate to an Indonesian business partner for $13.5 million. That’s nearly double what the President paid for the property in 2007, when he was in charge of […]