Mastercard’s Chief Inclusion Officer: “Inclusion Can’t Be Built In Silos”

With a thoughtfully woke CEO and consistently high ratings on all the diversity lists, Randall Tucker knew that his new life as Mastercard’s Chief Inclusion Officer would be a different kind of gig. “This was not a turnaround situation,” he laughs. “But my marching orders were to build on the great work and make it […]

Wells Fargo and Mastercard CEOs Still Skeptical About Blockchain’s Impact

Two financial executives aren’t so sure that blockchain can live up to its lofty expectations. Speaking to CNBC at the Fintech Ideas Festival on Wednesday, Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan said that “blockchain has been way oversold.” Mastercard CEO Ajaypal Banga said that his company has more blockchain patents than all but two other companies. […]

Citigroup is Starting a Payments Unit

Citigroup is launching a new payments unit that will offer merchants consumer payment options such as credit cards, digital wallets, and direct bank account transfers. Citigroup is reportedly partnering with payments firms including Mastercard for the new offering. Mastercard will provide some of the back-end connections and processing for merchants, The Wall Street Journal reports. […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Apple’s New Credit Card

Hoping to move more even deeply into the financial lives of its customers, Apple on Monday unveiled its own iPhone-oriented credit card, called the “Apple Card.” The card, created in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, comes with some features that set it apart from traditional credit cards like a lack of a visible credit […]

Venmo Offers Limited Edition Rainbow Debit Card in MasterCard Partnership

In an effort to attract more customers, the mobile payment service Venmo owned by PayPal is offering a limited edition rainbow debit card. On Friday, Venmo introduced the option to its selection of white, yellow, pink, blue, green, and black cards. “We know our users love to pick a card color…so the card design is […]