Welcome to the Next Generation of Corporate Phishing Scams

All it takes is for one employee to open and click on a bogus email to compromise a company’s corporate security. Despite analyst estimates that companies will cumulatively spend more than $120 billion a year on cybersecurity, corporations are still facing an increase of hacking attacks and data breaches. The problem, according to cybersecurity strategist […]

Border Patrol Hack Shows How New Technology Makes Law Enforcement a Target

U.S. Customs and Border Protection collects a trove of data about travelers including photos, fingerprints, and details about social media accounts. Officials argue that the information helps prevent terrorists from entering the country, but it also opens the door to a serious problem: Hackers The CBP hammered the point home on Monday by disclosing a […]

‘A Goldmine for Identity Thieves’: Unprotected Database Puts 65% of American Households At Risk

A pair of security experts has discovered an online, unprotected database that hosts personal data for 80 million American households. And, perhaps even more concerning, they’re not sure who it belongs to. Among the data included on the 24 GB database is people’s full names, full street addresses, marital status, date of birth, income bracket, […]