Why Cord Cutters Are Favoring Cheaper Online Options Over Cable-Like Bundles

The growing trend of people canceling their cable or satellite TV service may not be enough to sustain interest in the recent crop of Internet services trying to replicate the multi-channel cable world online. The ranks of cord cutters and so-called cord never’s, who never subscribed to pay TV in the first place, jumped to […]

T-Mobile Unveils a 300-Channel TV Service, Saying Its Attack on Big Cable Has Yet to Begin

T-Mobile unveiled a piece of its new strategy to take on the cable TV industry, though the first foray probably won’t make giants like Comcast and Charter Communications too nervous–at least not yet. Dubbed TVision, the offering is much like existing high-end pay TV packages, with almost 300 channels arriving in customers’ homes via a […]

Comcast Debuts Limited Internet Streaming Service For $5 a Month

Cable giant Comcast has finally entered the streaming video wars, but with an offering that doesn’t include much unique content. Users of the new service, called Flex, get a set top box, much like those from Apple or Roku, to connect to their TVs, and a voice-controlled remote. The device gives them access to mostly […]

Data Sheet—Looks Like Cord Cutting Just Broke Another Record

Altice USA, the cable mothership of Optimum and Suddenlink that sucked up Cablevision a few years ago, reported decent financial results on Thursday. But the report also marks the final public disclosure we needed to assess the state of cord cutting at the end of 2018. Altice revealed a net loss of 15,000 cable TV […]