Brainstorm Finance: Banking’s Future Will Be a Battle Over Consumer Trust

It all comes down to trust. And, of course, fees. “Our opening comes from the single great challenge that we as a financial industry are facing,” Andrei Cherny, CEO of online-only bank Aspiration, said Thursday at Fortune’s Brainstorm Finance conference in Montauk, N.Y. “If you’re a financial industry executive and you are not solving first […]

Kiva’s Co-Founder Is Joining This Leo DiCaprio-Backed Bank

If there’s one place a world-changing idealist traditionally wouldn’t have been caught dead, it’s a bank. But clearly, times have changed. A wave of tech-centric “neo-banks” have popped up in recent years, usually promising a smoother customer experience marked by lower fees and branch-less, online-oriented services. And some have sought to go even further–differentiating themselves […]