Startups or Targets? Silicon Valley Has Let Its Cybersecurity Guard Down, Experts Say

Silicon Valley has its guard down when it comes to the threat posed by state-sponsored hackers and snoops. That was the consensus of a group of cybersecurity experts in a roundtable discussion at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo., on Tuesday. “I think people in the Valley are naïve to the foreign nation-state […]

Formula E Racing Is Shaping the Future of Electric Cars

When it first debuted in 2014, skeptics wondered whether Formula E would last beyond its first season. An all-electric racing series, the contrarian line went, could never draw meaningful audience or sponsor support when the screaming, gas-powered motors of Formula One or NASCAR were so clearly beloved. Five years later, those skeptics have been proven […]

A.I.’s Hidden Biases Are Continuing to Bedevil Businesses. Can They Be Stopped?

Bias will continue to be a fundamental concern for businesses hoping to adopt artificial intelligence software, according to senior executives from IBM and Salesforce, two of the leading companies selling such A.I.-enabled tools. Companies have become increasingly wary that hidden biases in the data used to train A.I. systems may result in outcomes that unfairly—and […]

How Century-Old Companies Are Thinking About Technological Change

If you’re a 160-year-old company, technology isn’t just a nice-to-have — it’s essential for your survival. At a Fortune Brainstorm Tech breakout session Tuesday, business leaders gathered to discuss how to transform their business in a landscape of relentless competition. Jill Ramsey, the chief digital officer of Macy’s, said her company is grappling with the ever-changing […]

Video Games Are One of The Biggest Tech Incubators Available

Video games are typically thought of as solely a leisure activity—and they often are. But the gaming industry of 2019 is also proving to be a tech incubation powerhouse. At the annual Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. this week, Roblox founder and CEO David Baszucki and Niantic CEO John Hanke discussed how innovation […]

About Fletcher: How Spotify ‘Playlisting’ Turned an Unknown Into a Star

Cari Fletcher still remembers the moment in 2015 when she got discovered, as show business aficionados like to say. The 25-year-old, New Jersey-born pop singer was working at a music publisher, helping to scope out independent artists, when Spotify featured one of her tracks. The music streaming service had splashed an image of her face […]

Move Over ‘Little Mermaid,’ ‘Barbie’ Movie Will Also Cast Minority Actors, Mattel CEO Says

Following Disney’s recent decision to cast a black actress in the lead role of its live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, Mattel will also look to cast actors of color in its forthcoming films such as Barbie. Since launching its movie-making division Mattel Films late last summer, the toymaker announced that Margot Robbie, a Caucasian […]

Ancestry CEO on Genetic Data Privacy: ‘Consumers Need to Think About Who They Do Business With’

Many people who take at-home DNA tests to learn more about their family tree don’t realize that their data could be shared for other purposes. Consumer DNA testing companies share users’ data with law enforcement, drug makers, and even app developers. The implications of privacy around genetic information came into full view when police used […]

Quantum Computers Might Save the World—If Companies Can Find Workers to Build Them

Quantum computing may be decades away from being a practical reality, but that’s not stopping tech companies from convincing businesses that they should start preparing for the next evolution of computers. Speaking at Fortune’s annual Brainstorm Tech conference Monday in Aspen, Colo., Microsoft general manager of quantum software Krysta Svore explained why people should care […]

All Aboard the Navy’s First A.I. Warship

This article originally appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune’s daily newsletter on the top tech news. To get it delivered daily to your in-box, sign up here. The 311th largest company on this year’s Fortune 500 list is a technology company I’d never heard of. It’s called Leidos, which, according to Data Sheet’s own Aaron Pressman’s […]