When Artificial Intelligence Knows Too Much (or Too Little) About You

“Know thyself.” Those were the words of advice offered up by philosopher, historian, and best-selling author Yuval Noah Harari during an on-stage conversation at Stanford University last week. The prolific writer (and agitator) has long been a critic of artificial intelligence applications that track, aggregate, and learn from our every move, gleaning insights about us […]

Uber Cleared Over Arizona Pedestrian’s Self-Driving Car Death

Uber has been cleared of criminal liability over the death last year of pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona. Herzberg had been walking her bicycle across the road when she was struck by an Uber self-driving car, which was undergoing testing–the company settled with Herzberg’s family and shuttered its testing program in Arizona soon after […]

How Self-Driving Cars Can Help Make Cities Better

Driverless cars promise to reshape cities beyond just easing traffic congestion. These futuristic vehicles generate vast amounts of data that officials hope to use to fill potholes more quickly, replace parking lots with parks, and create traffic lanes for buses and first responders. Data generated from self-driving cars will provide cities with “a more granular […]