Old Rivals Microsoft and Sony Team Up to Take on New Rivals

In an unlikely pairing, rivals Microsoft and Sony announced last week that they would cooperate on video gaming and cloud data services. The partnership, which would have been inconceivable years ago, comes as both companies jockey for an early lead in cloud gaming, an emerging business that frees gamers from having to download game software […]

Dell Technologies, Microsoft, and VMware Just Became Very Big Cloud Partners

Dell Technologies, VMware, and Microsoft are making their data center, workplace software, and cloud computing technologies work better together. The partnership, announced Monday against the background of Dell’s annual user conference in Las Vegas, lets Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing customers use VMware’s virtualization software to manage their IT operations in Azure. It’s similar to a […]

Google Unveils Stadia, a Video Game Streaming Service That Could Threaten Xbox and PlayStation

Google is getting into video games. And it’s playing to win. The search giant, speaking at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in San Francisco Tuesday, unveiled Stadia, an ambitious game streaming service that could present the most significant challenge yet to console makers such as Sony and Nintendo. Scheduled to launch later this year, Stadia […]

Make Your March Madness Bracket Pick With Big Data’s Help

Creating winning brackets for March Madness–the NCAA basketball tournament–is notoriously difficult. One Cinderella team can blow your chances of prevailing in the office pool, one of the few times corporate America condones at-work wagering. Now Adobe wants to give you a leg up. For the second year in a row, the company is opening part […]

How Self-Driving Cars Can Help Make Cities Better

Driverless cars promise to reshape cities beyond just easing traffic congestion. These futuristic vehicles generate vast amounts of data that officials hope to use to fill potholes more quickly, replace parking lots with parks, and create traffic lanes for buses and first responders. Data generated from self-driving cars will provide cities with “a more granular […]