Uber’s IPO Hits a Yellow Light as Stock Price Stays Below Opening

Where was the pop? Investors in Uber–German for over–should be rejoicing on the company’s opening day on the NYSE. Instead, the stock opened at the planned $45 and has remained under that price as of midday. Typically, an IPO is first sold through investment bank underwriters to big institutional investors and to favored individual clients, […]

Speed Limiters and Built-In Breathalyzers May Soon Be Mandatory in All EU Cars

New safety features for cars, including speed-limiting technology, are likely to be mandated in Europe after lawmakers and European Union countries reached a deal Tuesday. So-called intelligent speed assistance (ISA) technology is already found in some high-end vehicles from manufacturers such as Ford and Honda, but the plan is to ensure it’s rolled out more […]

Automakers Are Pursuing an Electric, Autonomous Future. But First: Massive Cuts

BMW has announced a $13.6 billion savings and efficiency plan that is largely intended to help it invest more in technology. This is becoming a familiar story in an auto industry that’s going through massive transformation. Going all-electric and embracing automated driving is an expensive business, and coming out on top seems likely to be […]

SoftBank and Toyota Looking to Invest $1 Billion in Uber Self-Driving Technology

Uber uber is in late-stage talks with firms including SoftBank sftby and Toyota tm regarding a $1 billion stake in its autonomous driving business. This would represent a minority stake in the self-drive division, giving Uber some additional backup ahead of its planned IPO, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Reuters and the New York […]

Lyft Delivers a Few Punches to Rivals in its IPO Filing

In the race to go public this year, Lyft has a head start on rival Uber — at least when it comes to unveiling the details about its planned initial public offering. And though Lyft is gaining market share and revenue, its losses continue to rise while the growth of its ridership slows–both factors that […]

How Self-Driving Cars Can Help Make Cities Better

Driverless cars promise to reshape cities beyond just easing traffic congestion. These futuristic vehicles generate vast amounts of data that officials hope to use to fill potholes more quickly, replace parking lots with parks, and create traffic lanes for buses and first responders. Data generated from self-driving cars will provide cities with “a more granular […]