Bigger Isn’t Better With Seattle’s Newest Restaurants

When Vinnie’s Raw Bar opened this week in the hallway-like space between Chris and Anu Elford’s spacious, much-acclaimed two-year-old sibling bars Navy Strength and No Anchor, it followed a trend among recent restaurant openings in Seattle: smaller spaces activated by passionate restaurateurs with super personal concepts, thriving on face-to-face interaction. “We want to meet our […]

Facebook Is Raising Pay for Thousands of Its U.S. Contract Workers

Facebook Inc. said it will give raises to most of its U.S. contract workers, a group of people who have critical roles but aren’t paid or treated as full-time company employees. The world’s largest social-media company said Monday that the current $15-an-hour minimum wage it requires for U.S. workers is no longer enough for those […]

Murals Are the Must-Have Accessory for New Seattle Hotels

After years of room shortages in high season, Seattle’s recent boom has brought a half-dozen major new hotels to the city since last summer, alleviating the competition for space–at least a little. But the glut also pushes hotels to go above and beyond to impress locals and visitors, and that’s adding some color and art […]

Foraging for Ice Cream With West Coast Wunderkind Salt & Straw

At 9 a.m. on a spring Monday, a few employees are milling around Salt & Straw‘s Seattle ice cream parlor. No, breakfast ice cream isn’t some new trend. (Although one of the employees does serve herself an early scoop.) They’re gathering here before heading out to forage ingredients for the June slate of flavors–particularly the […]