Esther Wojcicki, Mother of YouTube CEO, Shares Advice for Parents on Kids’ Exposure to Tech

Esther Wojcicki has a nuanced view of the role technology should play in children’s lives. As you might expect from the mother of tech CEOs Susan Wojcicki (YouTube) and Anne Wojcicki (23andMe), she sees tech as a valuable tool for making vast amounts of information widely accessible. But, as befits her role as a long-time […]

Esther Wojcicki’s Secrets for Raising Great Leaders

Esther Wojcicki didn’t set out to raise CEOs. But she knew she wanted her children–and students–to have an upbringing vastly different from the one she had endured. “If I didn’t behave, I was beaten,” says the longtime educator and matriarch of one of the most well-known families in Silicon Valley. “My father’s philosophy was ‘Spare […]