Data Sheet—Facebook’s Business Is Succeeding Despite the Controversies

The up-to-$5-billion fine Facebook may have to pay the Federal Trade Commission is what journalists call a man-bites-dog story. It is remarkable, newsworthy, and otherwise unusual that the online publisher thinks it will be punished by a Trumpian regulatory agency for violating an earlier privacy agreement. The potential fine, because it is so extraordinary, dominated […]

In Pennsylvania, Two Health Care Behemoths Are Fighting. Patients Are Caught In Middle.

Cancer survivors Evalyn Bodick, 74, and Barbara Marsic, 63, are caught in the crossfire of one of the fiercest health care fights in the country. They fear they are about to lose access to the doctors they say have kept them alive. The reason: the latest skirmish in a nearly decade-old battle between two large […]

These Are the Winners and Losers in the Apple-Qualcomm Settlement

More than two years after the two titans of the smartphone era, Apple and Qualcomm, went to war, peace broke out suddenly and surprisingly on Tuesday. Apple and Qualcomm announced that they had settled all of the patent and royalty lawsuits they had filed against each other. They also said they had agreed to a […]