This European Official Wants a Nickname From Trump

If Margrethe Vestager–the EU’s infamous anti-trust boss–got one, surely Europe’s grand doyenne of internet privacy deserves a nickname, too? “I really dreamt about having a nickname from President Trump. He gave a nickname to my colleague, Margrethe Vestager, who is the champion of fighting for fair competition in the EU, and I think he called […]

A Late Professor Digitally Scanned Notre Dame. Now His Work May Give the Cathedral New Life 

On Tuesday morning, after fire ravaged Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral, the EU’s top digital affairs civil servant lamented the loss of one of Europe’s wonders. “Preserving with digitization is important for us and for future generations,” Roberto Viola tweeted. “With Notre Dame we’ve lost a piece of our history.” Viola’s tweet bore a link to […]