Ford Is Making Its Own Electric Truck, So Why Is It Investing In Rivian?

Ford Motor Company is investing $500 million dollars into Rivian, a Michigan-based electric vehicle (EV) startup and will use the company’s unique battery architecture to develop a yet unnamed vehicle. For Ford, it’s an additional investment into electrification on top of the $11-billion dollars its spending to build a comprehensive EV product portfolio. The announcement […]

UAW Prepares for Strike if GM Shutters More Factories

Gary Jones, the president of the United Auto Workers (UAW), signaled the powerful labor union’s willingness to strike if necessary, announcing on Monday that union leadership will raise weekly strike pay from $200 to $250 a week effective from March 2019. And beginning in January 2020, weekly strike pay will go up again, to $275. […]

Ford Investigating Its Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Data after Employee Tip-Off

If you thought domestic automakers would be safe from emissions scrutiny, think again. Ford vehicles from 2017 on may have worse gas mileage and emit more pollutants than the labels reveal. Employees raised questions about testing via an anonymous internal reporting system at Ford in September, the company said in a statement Thursday. Kim Pittel, […]