Microsoft’s Unpredictable Rise as a Civic Leader—Data Sheet

The old Milton Friedman saw about corporate social responsibility, that the only obligation of business is to use its resources to “engage in activities designed to increase profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game,” has been thoroughly discredited. It is widely believed today that enlightened businesses ought to do good […]

Taiwan’s Trump?

It was inevitable that Foxconn Technology Group chairman Terry Gou’s Wednesday announcement he’s running for president of Taiwan would invite comparisons to Donald Trump. Both men are brash billionaires who claim their business experience qualifies them for political leadership. Gou has said he was inspired in part by Trump’s example. They share a fondness for […]

Data Sheet—Measuring the Legacy of Foxconn CEO Terry Gou

One thing that really annoys Terry Gou, the founder and boss at iPhone contract manufacturer Foxconn, is for his company to be known as the iPhone contract manufacturer. Such work for Apple certainly is what catapulted Foxconn to fame and fortune. But Gou built the company from scratch and sees it as much more, as […]