What a Radical Greek Economist Hopes to Gain in the EU Election

Nothing has ever been subtle with Yanis Varoufakis, the leather-jacketed, motorbike-riding economist who was finance minister of Greece for six of the most tumultuous months in that country’s history. Plain-spoken (to say the least) and a self-professed radical, he is, at 58, not nearly done waging war on Europe’s major power players. This week, he […]

On the Eve of Its IPO, Uber Can’t Shake a Lingering Legal Question

Last month, the EU Parliament approved new rules to protect workers in the gig economy. It says companies engaging “on-demand, voucher-based and platform workers” must allow them to refuse work and be paid for canceled work; they must honor workers’ right to take jobs with other companies, pay workers to train, and give workers limited […]

The EU Wants to Build One of the World’s Largest Biometric Databases. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

China and India have built the world’s largest biometric databases, but the European Union is about to join the club. The Common Identity Repository (CIR) will consolidate biometric data on almost all visitors and migrants to the bloc, as well as some EU citizens–connecting existing criminal, asylum, and migration databases and integrating new ones. It […]

European Parliament Votes to Let the Sun Go Down on Daylight Saving Time

European Parliament has voted to end Daylight Saving Time in European Union-member nations by the year 2021, according to The Verge. After that year, individual EU-member states will have to decide whether they stick with DST or standard time. Daylight saving time is when we roll clocks back one hour so the sun rises and […]

EU Holds Online Platforms Liable for Users’ Copyright Infringement

The European Union will make online platforms liable for copyright infringements perpetrated by their users, in a move that will likely force all but the smallest platforms to install filters to spot potential infringements in the content uploaded to their sites. The measure was cleared by the European Parliament on Tuesday, as it approved the […]

U.S. Companies Are Going After EU Bond Market Investors

Corporate bonds in the U.S. have seen slow times. Companies have been issuing less debt, with investment-grade bond issuance off by 18% year over year, according to Barron’s. High-yield bond offerings are down 25%. Blame a number of factors: rising interest rates that have driven down prices as investors look for better deals, and also […]

U.S. Preparing to Take a Tougher Stance on German-Russian Gas Pipeline

The Trump administration is readying a tough stance against a Russian gas pipeline with sanctions, according to the Wall Street Journal. The move is driving tensions between the U.S., Germany, and other parts of the EU. The reason is a combination of geopolitics and competition in selling natural gas. At the center of the current […]

EU Aims to Clinch U.S. Trade Deal by End of 2019

European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said a trans-Atlantic trade deal could be achieved before year-end, stressing a readiness to work speedily as the bloc tries to keep at bay the threat of U.S. automotive tariffs. Malmstrom said she expects EU governments to give her the go-ahead in March to start negotiations with the U.S. […]