MoneyGram Surges 155% as Crypto Hype Feels a Bit Like 2017

MoneyGram International Inc. soared as much as 155% in early trading after a tie-up with blockchain-technology company Ripple. The rally is reminiscent of late 2017, when a wave of small-cap stocks saw valuations multiply as they re-branded as blockchain companies. The difference is that MoneyGram is an established company with about 2,400 staff and $1.4 […]

The SEC’s Kik Crypto Case Shows Just How Far Crypto Has To Go—Data Sheet

We’re big on “wars” these days. There’s a trade war on with China, which some think is a new kind of cold war. The culture wars over perennially hot-button topics like abortion rights are heating up. And at the intersection of finance, technology, and securities law there’s a “war on crypto.” “Crypto,” for the uninitiated, […]

Bitcoin Breaks $8,000, Extends Two-Week Winning Streak

Bitcoin climbed above $8,000, extending its longest winning streak since 2013 and giving fresh momentum to a cryptocurrency market that crashed only last year. Just hours after leaping 25% on Monday with no apparent explanation, the largest digital token added as much as 5.9% on Tuesday. That helped push the crypto universe’s total market value […]

SEC Guidance Sparks Fear and Loathing in Crypto Industry

When the Securities and Exchange Commission this week issued guidelines for cryptocurrency companies that want to sell digital tokens, many in the industry praised the SEC for new regulatory clarity, but also privately seethed the agency had gone too far. “This feels like an overt declaration of war on cryptocurrencies,” said a senior lawyer who […]