‘Soft’ Skills Are Hard to Measure and in Demand. Can They Be Taught?

No doubt about it, so-called soft skills–those hard-to-measure talents like empathy, adaptability, and a knack for communicating your ideas–need a new name. “‘Soft’ sounds weak, or somehow less important than ‘hard’ or technical skills. That’s completely wrong,” says Heide Abelli, senior vice president for product development at Skillsoft. The company designs and delivers training courses […]

The Trick to Growing Revenue and Keeping Employees Happy at the Same Time? Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” goes a popular corporate refrain. According to a new study by consultancy Grant Thornton and Oxford Economics, it’s true: Employee collaboration, worker engagement, talent retention, and customer satisfaction–essential elements of corporate culture–have a material impact on revenue growth and stock price. Executives who say their culture is “extremely healthy” are […]