The Protracted Battle to Strengthen the Equal Pay Act Enters Its 22nd Year—and the #MeToo Era

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke at the reintroduction of the Paycheck Fairness Act in January, she said she hoped President Donald Trump would sign it into law by Tuesday, April 2, known as Equal Pay Day, Well, Equal Pay Day 2019, will come and go without Trump approving the bill, but the lifetime of […]

She Started the Movement to Ban Employers From Asking About Your Salary History. She Wants Job Ads to Change Next.

Solving the problem of gender wage inequity takes effort from companies, employees, and lawmakers. For Equal Pay Day, we spoke with a pay equality expert who works with all three. Equal Pay Negotiations’ Katie Donovan. FayFoto/Boston (C) 2010 FAYFOTO/Boston Katie Donovan started the movement to ban employers from asking about salary history in job interviews–one […]