Survey Says: Corporate Culture Is Worth More Than a Big Salary

It seems that more job seekers are putting company values ahead of their paychecks. Glassdoor conducted a global survey of more than 5,000 adults from the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany to understand how employees and companies value a business’s mission and corporate culture. A majority of adults surveyed said they valued a […]

How to Build a Thriving Multi-Generational Workforce

This isn’t your grandfather’s workforce. Once dominated by a single generation (not to mention gender), today’s spans many, with employees working away sometimes into their eighties and nineties. Beyond old-fashioned employees, there are contractors and gig workers, and they tend to be tethered to work at all times. (There’s no punching out on your company’s […]

How to Avoid Winding Up As Pets for A.I. Robots

A warning: Paul “Pablos” Holman’s vision of the future may alternately inspire or frighten. Speaking at Fortune’s CEO Initiative conference on Tuesday, the futurist and inventor gave a condensed history of humankind that highlighted what he described as the essentially positive influences of technology. In the millions of years since hominids first arrived, we have […]

Does Capitalism Have a PR Problem?

Corporate leaders gathered at the Fortune CEO Initiative in New York City argued that was the case at a town hall on trust and transparency on Tuesday afternoon. “For every one positive article about capitalism, there are 11 negative ones,” said Nathan Rosenberg, founding partner of Insigniam, a management consulting firm. “CEOs should seize their […]

How CEOs Plan To Make Work Better: RaceAhead

One of the signs that the Fortune CEO Initiative — a community of CEOs working to address pressing social issues as part of their core businesses — is working, is the fact that the participants themselves have given me a “to-write” list, to help keep the conversations going. So, dear reader, you can expect a […]

Citigroup CEO: We Have to Change Our Culture To Keep Talented Women and Minorities

Citigroup has made headlines recently for recognizing the gender pay gap in its own organization, and setting goals to increase the number of women and minorities among its higher-ranking employees. But speaking at Fortune‘s CEO Initiative forum in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat acknowledged that–beyond setting ambitious markers for a more equitable […]

Former IMF Chief Economist: Here’s How Amazon Bungled HQ2

When Amazon announced plans to build HQ2 back in 2017, mayors and state governors clambered over each other in a bid to impress the multi-billion dollar tech giant. Kansas City’s mayor bought 1,000 products from Amazon, while Birmingham scattered giant Amazon boxes throughout the city. States including New Jersey, New York, and Virginia meanwhile offered […]

Smucker CEO: Investing in Community ‘Pays Off in Long Term’

The 122-year-old J.M. Smucker Company is used to thinking long-term. That point of view is helpful when figuring out how a company can contribute to the place where it does business while still meeting the demands of its shareholders. “The convergence of supporting our community and our business does pay off in the long term,” […]

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Swears He Is ‘Not an Activist’

Marc Benioff would have you believe he’s not the revolutionist everyone perceives him to be. The Salesforce founder, co-CEO, and chairman paints himself as a reluctant participant in the social strifes of the day, dragged into fighting battles on behalf of his workforce. By presenting himself not as a firebrand but as a manifestation of […]