Facebook Faces Federal Lawsuit

Facebook is having a tough week. That said, the investigative media outlet, ProPublica, is having a pretty good one. First, the breaking news. Today, the Department of Housing and Urban Development sued Facebook for violations of the federal Fair Housing Act, alleging that the platform allows advertisers to prevent people from seeing certain ads based […]

5 Things to Know About Facebook’s New Ban on White Nationalism

Facebook will ban content that supports white nationalism and separatism as it tries clean up its social network. The company, which announced the new policy on Wednesday, has come under pressure for allowing hate groups to share content on its network. Most recently, the social network faced intense criticism for recently hosting a livestream of […]

Facebook Announces Ban on Posts Praising ‘White Nationalism’ and ‘White Separatism’

Facebook announced a ban on posts praising, supporting, or representing white nationalism and white separatism Wednesday, expanding a policy that previously only targeted white supremacy. “It’s clear that these concepts are deeply linked to organized hate groups and have no place on our services,” Facebook said in a blog post, adding that white nationalism and […]