Apple’s Latest Acquisition Shows Self-Driving Cars Are in the Doldrums of Disappointment

Apple’s recent acquisition of autonomous vehicle startup throws a monkey wrench into the theory that it had backed away from an existing self-driving car initiative, known as Project Titan. Early this year, Apple laid off 190 Project Titan staffers, including more than 100 engineers. But now Apple is bring on more engineers from, […]

Your American Car Is Probably Not as American as You Think

Want to buy American when it comes to your next ride? The latest version of’s annual list of the most “American” cars assembled in the U.S. came out on Tuesday. But you may be surprised how little it takes to be considered really American: just 55% of the total value of the car parts […]

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan Is a Diamond Designed for Rough Terrain

“It’s the first Rolls-Royce that looks better dirty,” says the brand’s CEO, Torsten M?ller-?tv?s, as he overlooks a small fleet of the marque’s first SUV model, dubbed Cullinan–the three vehicles suitably caked in mud and dust from a daylong romp around Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. “It’s a remarkable departure for the brand.” Cullinan, […]

Waymo Teams Up with Renault and Nissan for Robotaxis in France and Japan

Self-driving car pioneer Waymo is teaming up with automakers Renault and Nissan to make its first journey outside the U.S. with a ride-hailing service that will dispatch a fleet of robotaxis in France and Japan. The partnership announced late Wednesday underscores Waymo’s ambition to deploy its driverless technology throughout the world in an attempt to […]

Ford Calls Mustang Shelby GT500 Its ‘Most Powerful Street-Legal’ Vehicle Ever

Ford is looking to corner the muscle car market with the new Mustang Shelby GT500. The automaker announced Wednesday the forthcoming vehicle will be “the most powerful street-legal Ford ever,” with 760 horsepower and 625 lb.-ft of torque. And rather than filling the press release with corporate speak, Ford simply added “Enough said.” The Mustang […]

With ‘MIB: International,’ Lexus Is Cast as a Blockbuster Car for a Second Straight Summer

When moviegoers first saw King T’Challa in action as Black Panther it was a real showstopper: The Marvel comic book character clings to the top of a sleek new Lexus LC sports coupe as he surfs through the busy streets of Busan, South Korea, in a high-speed chase that ultimately destroys his remote-controlled ride. The […]

Remember Options Backdating? Nissan Gets Caught Using a Very Old CEO Pay Trick

After more of than a year of one corporate scandal after another–faked emissions tests, claimed improper payments, executive financial misconduct, and even arrests–Nissan may face yet another problem. CEO Hiroto Saikawa reportedly received a bump to a stock-based bonus when the company’s board rescheduled by a week the date it the shares were priced. The […]

5 Things To Watch For at Tesla’s Annual Shareholders Meeting

Tesla Inc. investors will be more anxious than usual to get an update from Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Tuesday at the company’s annual meeting. With the stock down 35% for the year and concern about the pace of vehicle deliveries top of mind, Musk is likely to try to soothe unease about Tesla’s […]