Venezuela Has $500 Million of Crude Sitting in Ships — but Nobody Wants to Buy It

Venezuela is running out of space to store its sanction-stained crude that few dare to buy, forcing it to reduce output at a time when the world is thirsty for heavy, sulfurous oil. Tankers holding 8.36 million barrels of Venezuelan crude worth upwards of a half-billion dollars are floating off the country’s coast as the […]

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Heads to Colombia for Humanitarian Aid as President Maduro Begins Closing Borders

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaid? departed for the Colombian border with roughly 80 lawmakers Thursday, seeking to retrieve humanitarian aid that President Nicolas Maduro has refused. Maduro argues there is no humanitarian crisis–despite his country’s economic downfall over recent years–and has threatened to close Venezuela’s borders with Columbia and Brazil, both of whom have offered […]