Inside the ‘Ultimate High-Performance Luxury Lifestyle’ Experience at the New Equinox Hotel

The bed was crafted by Greeks. Credit Scandinavians for the duvet cover. The mattress comes with buzzwords including “charcoal,” “horsehair,” “coconut,” and “seaweed.” The bed I am looking at is displayed in a showcase room at a newly constructed luxury hotel along the Hudson River, the first ever by luxury fitness club operator Equinox. Equinox’s […]

Eat Oysters in New York City to Help Clean Up the City’s Waterways

Each week, Pete Malinowski’s team picks up thousands of pounds of discarded oyster shells from more than 70 New York City restaurants, including seafood favorites like Oceana and celebrity chef Jonathan Waxman’s JAMS in the 1 Hotel Central Park. The shells don’t exactly smell nice, and plenty of them still need to be properly cleaned. […]

Big Gay Ice Cream Cofounder on Growing a Small Business from Coast to Coast

Out of the worst recession the country has seen since the Great Depression, and in the span of a decade, Big Gay Ice Cream has grown from happy-go-lucky and social media wunderkind ice cream truck to Ben & Jerry’s competitor status, now with a full retail line in stores on both coasts. In celebration of […]

Israeli Pastries Get a New York City Makeover at This Six-Seat Bakery

While sitting in his eponymous new Israeli-style bakery, 35-year-old baking guru Adir Michaeli paints a picture: It’s Friday afternoon in Tel Aviv, and your Jewish mom is cooking for tonight’s Sabbath dinner. Aromas emanating from a rainbow of stews, rice dishes, pot roasts, schnitzels, and kugels waft through the air as you get back from […]

10 States Are Suing to Block Sprint-T-Mobile Deal

A group of state attorneys general led by New York and California filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday to block T-Mobile’s $26.5 billion bid for Sprint, citing consumer harm. The state attorneys general said the promised benefits, such as better networks in rural areas and faster service overall, cannot be verified, while eliminating a major wireless […]

To Combat Food Waste, These Brooklyn Businesses Teamed Up to Brew Bagel Beer

Entering and earning a permanent spot in New York’s craft beer market is a difficult feat. Doing so while helping another highly successful local business reduce its waste in an effort to meet eco-friendly goals is a task so arduous, some might consider it insane. That supposed insanity has paid off for Noah Bernamoff and […]

New York’s MTA Gets Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Fitbit Pay: Here’s How to Set It Up

It took a while, but the world’s largest subway system is finally ditching its swipe-card system for a tap-and-go experience. Starting on May 31 at noon, 16 of New York City’s 472 subway stations–along with some of its buses–will let riders pay by tapping a credit and debit card. The new system also encourages strap-hangers […]

Facebook Is Raising Pay for Thousands of Its U.S. Contract Workers

Facebook Inc. said it will give raises to most of its U.S. contract workers, a group of people who have critical roles but aren’t paid or treated as full-time company employees. The world’s largest social-media company said Monday that the current $15-an-hour minimum wage it requires for U.S. workers is no longer enough for those […]

Indulge in Cocktails and Street Food Inside a Subway Station at New York’s Merchants’ Gate

In New York City, you can drink on a boat that never moves, in a bar the size of a tollbooth with virtually no exit, behind a freezer door in a deli, on rooftops overlooking the Hudson River, and makeshift rooftop bars gazing over the concrete that makes up the town. You can drink in […]