Are Gamers Ready to Buy New Consoles? Some AAA Video Game CEOs Aren’t Sure

It’s official: The next generation of video games systems launches next fall. Microsoft, at E3 last month, confirmed Project Scarlett, the code name for its next generation system, while Sony a few weeks prior, spilled a few beans about its own next gen system, widely expected to be called PlayStation 5. The Xbox One and […]

Rivals Microsoft and Sony Strike Pact for Gaming, Cloud Services

Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp., bitter rivals in the game console market, are exploring partnerships in cloud-computing and artificial intelligence, including the use of Microsoft’s Azure for their own video and content-streaming services. By working together, the two companies aim to provide more enhanced entertainment experiences for their customers worldwide, including building better platforms for […]

‘Final Fantasy VII’ Finally Comes to Nintendo, Two Decades After It Made PlayStation a Must-Have

A long-time fantasy has just come true for millions of Nintendo video gamers around the world. Final Fantasy VII, the beloved adventure game that was first released in 1997–but not for Nintendo–was made available on the company’s Switch platform today, more than two decades after its debut. The move is a major deal for video-game […]