Baking a “Jellyroll”: How Batteries Get Made

Every day around the globe, millions of run-of-the-mill lithium-ion batteries are cranked out. Typically these workhorses of the electronic economy are produced in cavernous, highly automated factories, quiet and soulless places with long linoleum hallways, bright fluorescent lighting, three or four stories of interconnected assembly lines, and workers scurrying around in protective masks and suits […]

Tesla Investors and Analysts Jump Ship: It’s a “Quagmire” Says One

Tesla, once a darling of Wall Street, has pushed the envelope and not in a good way. Too many problems and issues have finally pushed some long-time supporters to shake their heads and step back. Wedbush Securities finally decided to “[throw] in the white towel” last month lowering guidance from outperform to neutral, after April’s […]

Norway’s State-Owned Oil and Gas Giant Is Backing a Battery-Research Fund

The rise of cheap renewable energy is starting to upend the bottom lines of fossil-fuel companies the world over. Initially, that was why so many of them instinctively fought the newfangled technologies. Increasingly, it’s why many of them are shifting strategy, hustling to try to profitably harness the wind and the sun. In the latest […]