Apple Card Still Dropping This Summer, Says Goldman Sachs’ Consumer Chief

The Apple Card–Apple’s hotly anticipated credit card collaboration with Goldman Sachs–is due to debut this summer. But, as Fortune‘s Adam Lashinsky pointed out to Goldman Sachs’ Harit Talwar on stage at the Brainstorm Finance conference in Montauk, N.Y., today, “It is the summer.” Don’t read too much into the fact that we’ve yet to see […]

Apple Card vs. American Express Platinum: A High-End Credit Card Face-Off

Apple Card is coming this summer. And when it’s released, don’t be surprised if some industry watchers compare it to a variety of high-end credit cards including the American Express Platinum. The tech giant unveiled the credit card during its otherwise star-studded Hollywood upfront-like event last week. While the Apple Card will allow users to […]

Why Today’s Apple Event Was So Unusual

There have been good Apple events and bad Apple events since Tim Cook took over as CEO seven and a half years ago, but there has been nothing like today’s event. For the first time that I can recall, Apple brought nothing to the table but its power. To sum it up, Apple announced a […]