Massive Airport Computer Outage Led to Bad Morning for American, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines Flyers

Even TSA pre-check couldn’t help flyers avoid massive lines and delays at airports across the U.S. Tuesday morning due to a major–albeit temporary–computer outage impacting JetBlue, American, and Alaska Airlines that left passengers and gate attendants alike unable to check into flights and access online information. Sabre, a Texas-based tech company that provides support to […]

German Airports Suffer Delays and Cancellations Following Air Traffic Control Tech Failure

If you’re flying through southwest Germany this week, be prepared for delays and cancellations. The company responsible for German air traffic control, Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), is having software issues and can only operate at 75% capacity in that part of the country until it’s IT systems update Wednesday night. Four of Germany’s busiest 10 airports […]